How the Aqua Safe Wastewater Treatment System Works

The Aqua Safe sewage treatment plant is basically a scaled down version of a larger township and municipality sewage treatment plants. The ATU employs an extended aeration activated sludge process. The treatment depends upon the introduction of air from the blower to four (4) air lines located around the perimeter of the mixing chamber.

Aqua Safe plants are made up of an outer mixing tank and a center settling chamber called the clarifier. Raw unsettled wastewater from your home enters directly into the mixing tank where simple hydraulic displacement is accomplished by the introduction of air which promotes the growth of aerobic organisms in much larger amounts that would occur naturally. These break down the organic solids in the wastewater.

From the outer mixing tank or aeration chamber, mixed liquid enters the clarifier from the bottom. No mixing occurs in this quiet zone where solids separate from the liquid and settle to the bottom of the clarifier and re-enter the mixing chamber. The liquid that separates from the solids in the clarifier continue to flow upward to the discharge pipe.

The result of this process is a clear, odorless effluent discharge, which meets or exceeds NSF water quality standards